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Renewing Your Grimsby Mortgage

Is it coming up on the time to renew your Grimsby mortgage?
Hopefully, you are still a few months away from your renewal date so you have time to take advantage of these tips for saving money when you renew your mortgage!

Switch to a Different Lender

Remaining loyal to a specific lender does nothing to improve your current interest rate.

This is especially true if you secured your original mortgage through a bank. Your best bet at getting the lowest possible rate on your mortgage renewal is to work with a mortgage broker. They have access to numerous financial institutions and lenders, so they can shop your mortgage around to get multiple rate quotes for you before you make your final decision.

Remaining loyal to a specific lender does nothing to improve your current interest rate.

Conduct Plenty of Research and let us Negotiate

Many larger financial institutions like to take advantage of borrowers who don’t realize they have the right and the ability to ask for a lower rate or to go somewhere else.

Before it comes time to renew your mortgage, plan on conducting research on local and national rates to find out what the best rate is and where you will need to go to get it. Again, this is another great reason to work with a mortgage broker who will do this on your behalf, and at no cost to you!

As a professional in the industry, I have many tools at my disposal that allow me to quickly and easily search for the best mortgage rates available. I will work hard on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal possible. Remember I work for you, not the bank!

Check the Terms Before You Sign

There is more to consider when you are renewing your mortgage than just the interest rate. You may think you are getting the most competitive rate, but there may be other fees, terms or penalties that make the seemingly “cheap” rate actually lot more expensive. Make sure you review your entire mortgage contract before you agree to sign the document.

There are clearly a lot of aspects to consider when it comes time to renew your Grimsby mortgage, and I am here to help you, every step of the way.

I understand that it can seem tempting to just automatically renew your mortgage without doing any research or trying to negotiate a better rate because it may save you some time and some haggling, but with me by your side at renewal time, you will save both time and money, making it a worry-free process!

If your mortgage is up for renewal this year, start early and take advantage of my offer of a “Free Mortgage Evaluation”, give me a call so we can start reviewing your options today, so we can start planning to save you money for tomorrow!



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