Home Ownership Program Grimsby, Hamilton, St. Thomas

Having been in the business for 25 years I understand how important the dream of home ownership is to all of us. I also came to realize that for many, homeownership will remain just a dream.

In order to make your dream a reality you need to have a plan in place to systematically work towards your goal of homeownership. Unfortunately they don’t teach you this in school. The banks don’t take the time to teach you this when you get your first bank account or credit card.

With this in mind I took it upon myself to show you how. Putting you on the “Road to Home Ownership”.  I also assembled a book “Your Personal Guide to Mortgages” which I provide free of charge when you enrol in the program.

The  “Road to Home Ownership” is an exclusive program designed by myself and offered exclusively through Canadian Mortgage Authority Inc. This is a two-part program, custom tailored to your individual situation, putting together a detailed plan showing you the steps you need to take.

By the end of the program if followed correctly you should be able to realize your dream of home ownership.

Your free personalized plan will include:

  • An assessment of your current credit.
  • Managing your credit, by either establishing a new credit history, or repairing, and rebuilding a bruised one.
  • Saving for a down payment. How much, tips and suggestions on getting there, and how I can actually provide part it for you.

Whether you plan on purchasing a home two months from now or two years from now the information that I will provide you is invaluable in helping your realize your home ownership goal.

Have more questions regarding our home ownership program? Contact your local mortgage broker in Grimsby & Hamilton today at (905) 309-8799.