Investment Properties in Grimsby, Hamilton, St. Thomas

Rental properties for the smart investor!

With interest rates at historic lows and stock markets full of uncertainty, many smart investors are turning to rental properties.

Whether you are looking at a property with an “in-law” suite to help pay for your mortgage, or a multi unit apartment building, we can put together a mortgage that best fits your needs.

When dealing directly with a bank they will typically limit the number of rental units you can own, will make your first rental property needlessly difficult to finance, and likely no have the experience to properly understand your individual needs as a property investor.

With twenty five years of experience and access to over 30 different lenders I can ensure that you get the service you deserve and the best deal possible.

Have more questions regarding mortgage options for investment properties? Contact your local mortgage broker in Grimsby & Hamilton today on (905)309-8799.