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How Much of a Downpayment Do I Need to Purchase a Home?

How much of a downpayment is needed to buy a home

How much of a down payment do we need to purchase a home? I am frequently asked this question as a Grimsby Mortgage Broker, often by people who have pre-conceived notions either from the internet, friends and family, or late-night real estate shows. Typically, you require a minimum 5% down payment, however, due to changes […]

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Closing Costs You Can Expect For A Mortgage When Buying a Home

Hamilton Mortgage Broker - Closing Costs You Can Expect For A Mortgage When Buying a Home

When taking out a mortgage for purchasing a home, homebuyers can be surprised by the closing costs that are involved. It’s something you need to plan for and factor into your home buying budget. As a Hamilton mortgage broker, I help clients prepare for these costs so they aren’t surprised at the end of the […]

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Benefits of Refinancing Your Mortgage

Oakville Mortgage Broker - Benefits of Refinancing Your Mortgage

Many homeowners choose to refinance their mortgage at one point or another. As an Oakville mortgage broker, it’s my job to make sure all options are looked at when a client wants to refinance. It’s important to find a mortgage that is appropriate for what they need and for their financial situation. Refinancing your mortgage […]

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Market Update: Grimsby and Hamilton

Grimsby Mortgage Broker

Staying up to date with the current residential market trends is an excellent way to know when the best time to buy is. Comparing past housing prices with current ones can help homebuyers predict where the market prices are going to head in the future.  To help you get started, your local Hamilton and Grimsby […]

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Grimsby Mortgage Broker – Market Update

According to the most recent housing market statistics that were released by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Hamilton market outshone the Grimsby market by a long shot.   There were only 73 new construction starts between January and November of 2017, which is up from the 30 that were recorded during the same […]

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Grimsby Mortgage Broker – Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions

Want to know more about some of the most frequently asked mortgage questions? Below, you will find a list of commonly asked mortgage questions along with more information about each. It is our hope that this information helps you make the most educated decision possible about your home financing:   Question #1 – What kind […]

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