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The Secret to Finding the Right Home

Oakville Mortgage Broker - Finding the Right Home

As an Oakville mortgage broker, I help people every day to find the best mortgage packages and the right homes for them.  The home buying process can feel nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to deciding what, exactly, the right home is for you.  The question is, how do you know if a house is the right fit for you before taking that financial plunge into home ownership?  There are a few things to consider while hunting for that perfect home.

Does it Fit into Your Budget?

Of all of the things to consider, your budget is at the top of the list when deciding if a home is right for you.  The right home is the one that easily fits into your budget and doesn’t cause you financial stress.  I have seen many people try to take on a home that they just couldn’t afford realistically, and it can be heartbreaking to suddenly find that you can’t cope with the monthly payments. 


It’s not just about the house, but the location as well.  Along with buying that home, you are buying into a neighbourhood.  Before buying that home, get an idea of the location, what the neighbours are like, and whether the area looks well cared for.  You have the perfect house but be in the worst environment, which makes it hard to love the home you bought.

Are You Excited?

Most of us start our home hunting online, browsing the market, listings, and doing research on the area the homes are in.  There will always be those one or two homes that you can’t wait to see in person though.  This is where your gut instincts come in.  Which homes are the ones that really call out to you?  Those are the ones you will want to see in person.  It gets even better if, once you enter the home, you feel excited and it just feels “right”. 

If a house looked great online but, as soon as you walk into it your energy falls flat, or it just doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t the right home for you.

Does it Meet Your Needs?

It’s a rare thing to find a home that ticks all of the boxes for us.  However, it’s important that it ticks those boxes regarding fulfilling your basic needs, such as the amount of bedrooms you need, added space, or a second bathroom.

What Does Your Intuition Say?

This is up there with walking into a home and feeling it’s right.  What does your gut feeling tell you about the house?  Do you find it hard to not think about it or talk about it?  Of course, there are the fundamentals, like finances to consider.  In the end, however, it comes down to feeling a connection with the home.  If you can envision yourself living there and it seems natural, you have probably found yourself the right home.

If you’re beginning your journey towards home ownership, give our Oakville mortgage brokers a call today.  We’ll help you find the right home, and the right loan, for you.

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